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Book Two in The Land series

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Queen Crystal's tale continues

Author Sandra-Jo Matusky

Lives in Ridgefield, WA and has traveled through the North West. The images on this site are from Oregon, Utah, and Colorado.  Hiking these beautiful lands gives the author inspiration for the scenes depicted in her novels and for her illustrations. Please visit queencrystal.net to read reviews, learn more about the author, and enjoy a variety of photo's and sketches.

Book signing for The Land

In April of 2007 Queen Crystal and The Land was published, then in 2010 the continuation of Queen Crystal as the Bringer of Balance was complete. For many readers it seemed that this magical story had ended but in 2006, before The Land was even published, Sandra-Jo had already completed book three, Prince Orielle and the Wyvern War. The next generation would begin a new chapter of adventure.

Illustrations and style

The author's artistic style reflects a simple gesture. Unlike our conscious world of realism, the images in the books are merely an impression of a dream or they can be thought of as Crystal's fleeting visions. In this young world of predator and prey, it is the artists task to depict images captured through observation. King Riley and Prince Orielle naturally become the artists of their own adventures.

Look for Book Three

Prince Orielle and the Wyvern War

As the next generation of royalty discovers the secrets of their vast land, brother and sister embark on their first journey without realizing the bond they share. Please join the on-going tale of The Land. Click my link then the book image to read the first three chapters of Prince Orielle and the Wyvern War. Available on-line through Amazon. Download the kindle app. for free and order book three to continue the adventure. Please share your download with friends & family. 

Bringer of Balance

Book Two of The Land